5 Types Of Books You Read In High School | Teen Read Week

It’s Teen Read Week!  Every year in October one week is devoted to books for teens, library strategies for teens, and all things teensXbooks.  In celebration I will be posting about books every day this week.  Check back each day for new posts!

Teen Read Week 2014

The Guilty Pleasure Read

For me, this was Twilight.  I know.  At this age, I’m pretty ashamed of it.  But at 15, I loved it.  On the subject of guilty pleasures, never feel guilty for something you love.  If you’re not hurting anyone with it, go ahead and read it.


The Assigned Classic (That You End Up Loving)

I had a lot of these, but especially The Great Gatsby and A Tale of Two Cities.  You start reading it in class because you’re required to, and next thing you know, you’re up all night bonding with Sidney Carton and crying over his loneliness.  This first classic is like a gateway drug into classic literature.  Follow it straight to the bookstore.


The Favorite Author’s (Not So Great) Newest Book

I love Scott Westerfeld’s writing, and I actually loved it even more in high school.  I met him once at a Barnes & Noble back in Brooklyn and nearly died of excitement.  But when Extras came out, I was not enthused.  The rest of the Uglies series was excellent and I loved them, but Extras just didn’t stand up to them.  We’ve all got that book.  Whatever it is for you, don’t let it stop you from reading more of your favorite author’s books in the future.

5 Types of Books You Read In High School

The Latest YA Trendy Book

If you can’t find it on a shelf in your local bookstore, your library is bound to have a Young Adult section.  You probably even have a youth librarian.  (I used to dream of being a youth librarian, and part of me still does!)  Reading the trendy book doesn’t mean being mindless; things are popular for a reason, and you should always find out why.


The Bildungsroman (Coming Of Age Story) That Changes You

Really, learning the term Bildungsroman was the best part of my Creative Writing class in college.  Now, I sound totally fancy.  A bildungsroman is a coming of age story, and though the main characters are frequently teens (like Holden in The Catcher In The Rye) they’re not always teens.  The bildungsroman that changed me and my view on the world was The Perks of Being A Wallflower and it’s now one of my favorite books.  If you’re having a bit of an existential crisis, get yourself to the youth library desk stat!


In celebration of Teen Read Week, I’ll be posting about books all week long!  Young Adult lit is a vastly underrated genre by a lot of adults, but for many of us it’s still a great place to find your next read.  (For more of these Teen Read Week posts, check my TRW category).


Today’s YA Recommendation: The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab.  (Check out V’s blog too!)