Happy Birthday Jeanni Out of the Bottle | 1 Year of Blogging

This blog is officially one year old. (Its birthday was actually yesterday, but between my first day at my internship and working on a research paper, I didn’t get around to writing this post).

Taken at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in the African history department. Relevant to today’s post.

I am incredibly excited to start year 2  of Jeanni (Out of the Bottle). This year has been a roller coaster and a little bit of a battle.
When I started this blog, I was knee-deep in my senior thesis.  And a year later I’m knee-deep in a research paper about copyright.  My entire paper topic stems from blogging and vlogging.
A year later, I’m back with my family, I’m still unemployed but I’m in grad school. I perpetually change what I want to “do with my life” and probably will even when I’m 55. I’m terrified of turning 30, and pretty uncomfortable with how close 25 is.
I’m really starting to get annoyed by my blog design. I want to redesign but I don’t want too much but I want enough that it’s a noticeable change but I still want to keep the color in the background because I think blogs with white backgrounds are visually boring.
I’ve discovered more blogs than I’d read before, and deleted boring ones from my bloglovin feed.  I still think about incorporating the Weekly Dose of Weird I did in my old blog but I need to make sure it’s something I can keep up.
I know my blog will never be “big” because I don’t hit the big topics. I’m okay with that. You’re not going to see fashion posts but some lifestyle ones for sure, and whenever I make something good and new, you’ll probably see a new Satiated Saturday. I do have 80 followers on WordPress though. So that’s pretty big to me.

Missouri History Museum
This has been a crazy week on the blog (with all the Teen Read Week posts), and it’s also been a crazy week in my life.  Friday before last I received an email inviting me in to the Missouri History Museum to talk about interning this fall in the institutional advancement office.  Monday I set the date for Wednesday, Tuesday I got my substitute teaching certificate, Wednesday I had my interview/chat, Friday I had intern orientation, and yesterday (Monday as well) I started my first day of the internship!  Plus, Sunday I shared my first piece of fiction on this blog.

What’s next? I don’t know yet, but I’ll definitely keep you along for the ride. (For some possibilities see my Future of JOotB post).


Revised 25 By 25

Last month, I was looking at my 25 By 25 list and trying to figure out why I avoided looking at it so much.  Then, it dawned on me.  Duh!  Because it no longer fit with my goals and felt daunting and impossible, rather than like a challenge I was excited to win.  So I revised it.  The current list much more fits my goals and my life as it is now, and I have no trouble looking at it.

25 By 25

1. Move into my own apartment.  (Roommates are cool).

2. Get a tattoo. (I’m thinking something like this on my left ankle).

3. Run a 5k.

4. Attend a group meditation.

5. Visit 2 new U.S. cities.  (Next spring my mom & I are planning to go to Indianapolis!)

6. Visit Europe.

7. Finish writing a novel.

8. Buy a subscription to Evernote Prime.

9. Buy a subscription to Spotify Premium.  (Student price is only $5/month!)

10. Adopt an animal.

11. Attend a Phi Sigma Pi conference.

12. Try out a notebook planner.  (Did it March 2014, not a fan).

13. Complete my master’s degree.

14. Visit Canada.

15. Buy stock.

16. Learn basic French.

17. Build my own website.

18. Learn basic Spanish.

19. Get a driver’s license.  (Did it June 2013!)

20. Give thank you cards to my AU professors in my last semester.  (Did it!)

21. Start sharing short stories on my blog.

22. Share poetry on my YouTube channel.

23. Purchase a DSLR camera.  (I’m a big photography nerd, I handled my first film SLR at 11, but haven’t been able to buy a DSLR yet.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are calling my name!)

24. Instead of birthday gifts ask for donations to charity.

25. TBA

I haven’t figured out a 25th goal, but I’m sure I will.  I kept the ones I’d already completed, as a pat on the back for actually meeting those goals.  I made it into a cute graphic, which I’m going to print and hang on my wall, though I might print it with a white background since we’re low on color ink.  For a simple template version of this, click here.  It can be edited in any simple editing software, or printed to hand write.

25 By 25

Thanks for visiting, and if you’ve created a 25 By 25, or a 101 in 1001, or any other goals list, please share in the comments!  I love to read about other people’s goals.  But remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.

Future of Jeanni (Out of the Bottle)

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut this summer (and even more of a vlogging rut, if you’ve stuck with me through it, thanks!).  Finding inspiration has been hard, and all I’ve been thinking about is grad school.  I’m starting on the 25th, watch out for my grad prep post soon.


Right now, I have time to write a bunch of posts, which is what I’m doing so I can schedule them.  I’m definitely going to keep this blog going, and my YouTube channel too.  I’ve got a big list of post and video ideas.  I’ve got history lessons, anthropology terms, research guides, vegetarian recipes, PDF printables, and study tips I want to make.  I want to talk more about education, about educational inequalities, and about educational opportunities.  I want to share the immense amount of poetry I’ve been writing this summer, and some short stories.  I want to do so much with this platform.


That said, the posts will probably be once a week, plus Satiated Saturday posts every couple of weeks.  I just don’t have time to try enough recipes, and create enough recipes, to keep up a weekly food feature right now.

Jeanni (Out of the Bottle) Guides

I started posting a few guides, and I’m hoping to continue that series.  I made a page for them up above to make them easier to find.  Right now, I’m working on a vegetarian guide, and a student vegetarian guide to help new veggies.  I’m also working on some printable guides for research evaluation.


Because my current goal is teaching, I hope to share a lot of thoughts about teaching, potential curriculum ideas, and things I want to teach to my students.  I’m planning to review some education related books as well.  I’ve got a long way to go, though, from sitting in my dining room in zebra print pajama pants to becoming a teacher students can respect.


I’m trying to learn to code websites, and it’s a lot harder than I thought in some ways, but a lot easier in others.  By next month I hope to have a small portfolio to share.  (In case you want to learn along with me, I have a post here about how I’m learning, and I recently started the General Assembly Dash).

Just recently I was approved as a Book Depository affiliate, which means that if you buy a book through a link on this blog from the Book Depository, I will get a small percentage of it.  It doesn’t mean that I’ll be getting books for review, it doesn’t mean that any reviews I do write will be biased.  They won’t.


I’m excited to go on to grad school.  I’m excited to take you all with me.  I’m excited to have a place to pour out all my feelings.  I’m excited for whatever the future brings me.


YouTube (or Where I’ve Been)

I’ve been experiencing some burnout. Trying to find a post-grad job has caused me some ups and downs, and I’ve severely neglected this blog. Creatively, I’ve been having a hard time finding inspiration to write posts. So I’ve taken an unintentional hiatus. During this unintentional hiatus, I found my creative mojo flowing in a totally different direction: videos. I noticed something, while spending endless hours on my computer writing cover letters, scheduling interviews and applying to grad school (and if I’m honest, going through YouTube videos): there were plenty of science shows online, but not much about the humanities.

As someone who wants to be a teacher, this was distressing. Let me explain. My fundamental belief is that everyone deserves broad and easily attainable access to education. I love reading a good history article as much as the next nerd, but I also find that videos are more approachable and reach a broader audience. Historical articles are harder to find than YouTube videos, and they’re often written in academic language. More than that, brief introductions to topics are very hard to find that aren’t from Wikipedia, and we all know the problem there.

So I started making my own. I decided that if no one else would do it, I would. I have a degree in history, I know how to do research, I know how to write. The thing I didn’t know was how to make YouTube videos. But luckily a perfect storm of things happened. Several YouTubers I like and respect made videos with advice for new YouTubers, and I stumbled upon an entire Pinterest board devoted to such tips. In the past three months on YouTube, I’ve learned while doing, which in my opinion is the best way to learn.

I’ve posted a few of these videos in posts in the past, but I never really introduced it as a new venture. Well, now I am. YouTube is a lot of fun. It’s a good way to make lessons in an easily accessible format. Writing the scripts is also great practice for writing lesson plans.

That’s the other thing I’ve been up to. I got into grad school. Come fall, I’ll be attending online classes from Southeast Missouri State University in their Secondary Education program. Within this program you can have a focus, and I chose education and technology. Fitting, considering my online endeavors.

I hope you’ll all take this ride with me, and check out my channel. You can find it here. (And yes, I am continuing Satiated Saturday. For a while there, I just wasn’t very satiated).


Welcome to my little corner of the internet.  I’ve tried blogging before, multiple times, but I’ve always lost momentum.  Well, this time will be better.  This newest blog, Jeanni Out of the Bottle, is a space for me to share my thoughts, but it’s also a space for me to share newsworthy happenings, updates on educational policy, historical documents, mini lessons in history or religion or anthropology.

Look for posts here about vegetarian recipes interspersed with the value of being widely & diversely educated, interspersed with short stories, life lessons, motivational quotes, book reviews, and so, so much more.


But that’s the blog.  Who’s the blogger?

I’m a 21-year-old nomad.  I majored in History at American University, minored in Anthropology, and also studied religion and literature.  Basically, I’m fascinated by people and cultures.  I’m from New York, originally.  I’ve lived in rural Missouri, and now the District of Columbia.  DC became my home in August 2010. I fell head over heels in love with it.  I’m a historian, a researcher, a Whovian, a museum enthusiast, a hugger, an educational optimist.  In short, I’m Jeanni.