Revised 25 By 25

Last month, I was looking at my 25 By 25 list and trying to figure out why I avoided looking at it so much.  Then, it dawned on me.  Duh!  Because it no longer fit with my goals and felt daunting and impossible, rather than like a challenge I was excited to win.  So I revised it.  The current list much more fits my goals and my life as it is now, and I have no trouble looking at it.

25 By 25

1. Move into my own apartment.  (Roommates are cool).

2. Get a tattoo. (I’m thinking something like this on my left ankle).

3. Run a 5k.

4. Attend a group meditation.

5. Visit 2 new U.S. cities.  (Next spring my mom & I are planning to go to Indianapolis!)

6. Visit Europe.

7. Finish writing a novel.

8. Buy a subscription to Evernote Prime.

9. Buy a subscription to Spotify Premium.  (Student price is only $5/month!)

10. Adopt an animal.

11. Attend a Phi Sigma Pi conference.

12. Try out a notebook planner.  (Did it March 2014, not a fan).

13. Complete my master’s degree.

14. Visit Canada.

15. Buy stock.

16. Learn basic French.

17. Build my own website.

18. Learn basic Spanish.

19. Get a driver’s license.  (Did it June 2013!)

20. Give thank you cards to my AU professors in my last semester.  (Did it!)

21. Start sharing short stories on my blog.

22. Share poetry on my YouTube channel.

23. Purchase a DSLR camera.  (I’m a big photography nerd, I handled my first film SLR at 11, but haven’t been able to buy a DSLR yet.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday are calling my name!)

24. Instead of birthday gifts ask for donations to charity.

25. TBA

I haven’t figured out a 25th goal, but I’m sure I will.  I kept the ones I’d already completed, as a pat on the back for actually meeting those goals.  I made it into a cute graphic, which I’m going to print and hang on my wall, though I might print it with a white background since we’re low on color ink.  For a simple template version of this, click here.  It can be edited in any simple editing software, or printed to hand write.

25 By 25

Thanks for visiting, and if you’ve created a 25 By 25, or a 101 in 1001, or any other goals list, please share in the comments!  I love to read about other people’s goals.  But remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish.