American April

I’ve been in a bit of a rut, blogging-wise.  I just can’t seem to find the inspiration and write.  Most of my writing mojo is going into cover letters and job applications.  But I’ve recently started  making youtube videos, and I’m starting a series there called American April.


All month long I’ll be making one or two videos a week about a topic, event, or person in American history.  It will focus mostly on early American history because that’s what interests me most and it’s my channel.  So if you’re interested in learning about American history and watching me look silly, subscribe to my channel and watch the videos.  I’ll also be posting related information here on the blog as well, so look out for it here.

The first video goes live tomorrow, but the introduction video is up today.  I’ll embed it below.



Plus bonus ASL lesson at the end of the video!


Quick One

Just a quick post today.  I’m elbows deep in thesis revision, thank you cards for professors, and packing up to move out.  I didn’t make it to the National Archives Tweetup (#heartbroken) because I had a rescheduled final exam.  I’ve applied for officially a dozen jobs.  I got an A in my American Sign Language class this semester, which turned out to be my favorite class.

Instead of anything really worth reading, here’s a video you should watch:

Also, here’s a printable blank version of the 25 By 25 list I made earlier this year.  It’s totally blank, you can print it and handwrite your list, or you can edit it in photoshop (or GIMP, whatever) and add a neat typed list (that’s what I did).

25 By 25

P.S. I’m one step closer, since I’m officially an alumna of Phi Sigma Pi.  I only cried for twenty minutes.
claudia crying



Whether you’re having turkey, tofurkey, cornish game hens, or chinese takeout, enjoy your time with family and friends.  I also encourage you to use this time to reflect on American History and what exactly it means to you.  Only by thinking critically about our own history can we improve the world in which we live.

P.S. Check out this youtube video to learn how to sign some awesome Thanksgiving signs in ASL!