Interesting Reads

I’m off at work/internship today, so instead of a well-written original post (okay, even I couldn’t write that with a straight face, well-written?) let’s chat about what we’re reading.

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about paleontology and extinct human species.  So I thought I’d share the last two weeks of reads with you guys.


Since I finished The Casual Vacancy I needed something a bit less dramatic.  Saxons, Vikings, and Celts by Bryan Sykes is just what I needed.  This is all about the genetic ancestry of the peoples of the British Isles.  Or, as I like to call it, the sweet spot where history and science meet.  I also picked up the book All The Lovely Bad Ones from my local library, and it’s meant for kids about 13, but it’s a fun read.


I started reading Science Magazine’s website, and found that they have a HUGE section on paleontology and fossil humans. For a random sampling: How We Domesticated Ourselves | Pregnant Fossil Mare & Fetus | Profile of Rachel Watkins (my favorite anthropology professor)


Early Europeans Weathered Ice Age | BBC World News recently posted this article, which is super interesting if you’re like me and into this sort of thing.

Ice Age Babies Surrounded by Weapon Found in Alaska | Smithsonian Magazine is always good for science, anthropology, and history articles.

The Long History of Disease and Fear of the “Other” | In this time of crazy outlandish fears about Ebola, it’s important to remember the cultural history of disease and othering.

George Washington Didn’t Have Wooden Teeth | I touched on this a bit in my American April Misconceptions video, but the myth about wooden teeth is just that – a myth.


Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Realize She’s the Butt of an Old Racial Joke | This article from The Grio sums up exactly what I thought when I saw the photos of Kim Kardashian from the Paper Magazine photoshoot.  The images reminded me very much of Saartjie Baartman, also known as the Hottetot Venus.  They conjure up a long history of the exploitation of the bodies of women, especially women of color.  On the other hand, I’m not about policing what another woman does with her body – mother or not.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Response | Just for good measure, the Met weighed in with an art history comparison and it’s good to remember that everything has a longer context than the last few years.


I’ve been incredibly into slam poems recently, and Button Poetry is my current favorite channel for them.  Some personal faves?  The Tampon Poem | Thighs | The First Time I Met His Mother | Fantastic Breasts And Where To Find Them | Khaleesi | Sleeping On God | Girl Code 101 | The Nineteen Text Messages To You Stuck In My Drafts Box | Mother of Dragons | One Side of an Ongoing Conversation with Sharon, My Therapist

(I also shared a very short slam poem called Scorch Marks and you should definitely go watch it.)


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