What is There to Change?

My fraternity brother Hancie wrote this wonderful piece about body image and being comfortable in your own skin. In place of my own thoughts today, please read it and give yourself some love.

Ferocity & Curiosity

When we last left off we were looking at whose pictures influence thoughts about body image. If we know that our minds have been influences, then we should look at how they have been. A short video has recently been released by Jubilee Project where they asked fifty people, adults and children, one question: What would you change about your body?

The video opens with the responses from adults, all of whom don’t think very long before giving their answers. These include changing their foreheads, ears, and feet. One response that particularly stood out to me was a mother saying, “Stretch marks after having a kid,” as she held her son in her arms. The things that these adults are wishing to change about themselves are aspects of their bodies they are born with. With the exception of plastic surgery, these elements are impossible to change. People are walking…

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