November Goals

In addition to my 25 By 25 goals, I have some monthly goals.  Some of them are aiming towards my 25 By 25 goals, but mostly they’re just things that will make my December easier and better.  I read that making your goals public helps to keep you accountable, so here goes.
Monthly Goals
Grad School
– Finish all my Internet in Education coursework
– Finish my first draft for Grad Research
If I can get all this done, I can focus on editing my research paper in December.
-Write 5 blog posts
I’m getting behind, like a lot.
-Update blog sidebar
I really want to do a whole blog makeover, but I’m starting with the sidebar.
-Share another flash fiction on blog
-Share a poem on YouTube
-Record 3 videos
-Edit 2 videos
My videos are basically non-existent right now, so let’s just look forward for now.
-Check H&R Block class
Not to out my nerdiness, but I really love math and I’m fascinated by our byzantine tax system. 
-Plan 2 family visits to museums (MHM & SLSC)
I really want to show my family around my museum where I intern, and there’s a Sherlock Holmes exhibit at the Science Center.
-Finish outlining current novel-length WIP.
-Schedule doctor appointment.

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