Happy Birthday Jeanni Out of the Bottle | 1 Year of Blogging

This blog is officially one year old. (Its birthday was actually yesterday, but between my first day at my internship and working on a research paper, I didn’t get around to writing this post).

Taken at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, in the African history department. Relevant to today’s post.

I am incredibly excited to start year 2  of Jeanni (Out of the Bottle). This year has been a roller coaster and a little bit of a battle.
When I started this blog, I was knee-deep in my senior thesis.  And a year later I’m knee-deep in a research paper about copyright.  My entire paper topic stems from blogging and vlogging.
A year later, I’m back with my family, I’m still unemployed but I’m in grad school. I perpetually change what I want to “do with my life” and probably will even when I’m 55. I’m terrified of turning 30, and pretty uncomfortable with how close 25 is.
I’m really starting to get annoyed by my blog design. I want to redesign but I don’t want too much but I want enough that it’s a noticeable change but I still want to keep the color in the background because I think blogs with white backgrounds are visually boring.
I’ve discovered more blogs than I’d read before, and deleted boring ones from my bloglovin feed.  I still think about incorporating the Weekly Dose of Weird I did in my old blog but I need to make sure it’s something I can keep up.
I know my blog will never be “big” because I don’t hit the big topics. I’m okay with that. You’re not going to see fashion posts but some lifestyle ones for sure, and whenever I make something good and new, you’ll probably see a new Satiated Saturday. I do have 80 followers on WordPress though. So that’s pretty big to me.

Missouri History Museum
This has been a crazy week on the blog (with all the Teen Read Week posts), and it’s also been a crazy week in my life.  Friday before last I received an email inviting me in to the Missouri History Museum to talk about interning this fall in the institutional advancement office.  Monday I set the date for Wednesday, Tuesday I got my substitute teaching certificate, Wednesday I had my interview/chat, Friday I had intern orientation, and yesterday (Monday as well) I started my first day of the internship!  Plus, Sunday I shared my first piece of fiction on this blog.

What’s next? I don’t know yet, but I’ll definitely keep you along for the ride. (For some possibilities see my Future of JOotB post).


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