Craving Autumn

Autumn is defintiely my favorite season.  Fall colors, the beautiful foliage, sweaters, boots, school starting again.  Everything about autumn is my favorite thing.  I love pumpkins.  I love herbal tea.  I love sweaters and red jeans and boots.  I love the crisp scent in the air.  I love crunchy leaves.  I love being able to take my dog out to play without him overheating or me freezing.  I even have an entire Pinterest board based on Autumn.  October is my favorite month, even though my birthday is in July.  I love to swim, but in the fall I can hike for hours.  I love the earth tones and jewel tones we can wear in autumn.


I grew up in New York, and autumn in the city was incredible.  I’d hop the train into Manhattan with my friends and we’d just wander Central Park for hours.  Back in Brooklyn, the decorations were always amazing.  All my best memories are from autumn in New York.  The leaves changing colors and falling off the trees.  The pumpkins on all the front stoops and in front windows.


Autumn in DC is incredible.  The houses are enormous in the area where I lived, and they go all out.  Everyone covers their porches in spider webs.  There are plastic skeletons hanging off roofs.  There’s something different in the air, and I think that’s because DC is a city unlike any other.  The people there know they’re affecting people’s lives.  They’re making a difference in the world.  The crispness of the air seems to make everyone straighten up, take themselves more seriously, and try even harder.  The national mall is crammed with world-movers on lunch, college kids planning to become world-changers studying, and families taking in what I like to think of as a sense of history.

Craving Autumn

I’ve never seen autumn in Missouri, and I’m excited for it.


There is this feeling in the fall that the world is gearing up for something.  It’s like everyone is on edge, but in a really good way.  We’re all waiting for something incredible to happen.  Maybe that’s Halloween, or maybe that’s Thanksgiving.  Maybe it’s back to school, maybe it’s pumpkin spice lattes.  I always feel like there’s something special that happens when the air turns crisp and the leaves fall.  Something changes.  I feel electric all the time.


This year I’m starting my master’s degree in autumn.  My classes start August 25, and I’m so excited I feel like I’m going to vibrate out of existence.  I went to visit the campus recently, and I can’t wait to go down for an all-day study session.  (Frankly, I’d even like to move down there and spend all day in the library, and become a TA).  I’m so excited to start.


I don’t know what this autumn will bring.  I don’t know what my classes will be like.  I don’t know how much time I’ll spend in my library.  To paraphrase Margaret, I don’t know what’s coming next, but I’m excited.


P.S. Check out this autumn playlist I made you guys.


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