Anthropology Toolbox

On my YouTube channel I create videos on lots of topics.  One of those is Anthropology.  I was an anthro minor, and I spent a lot of time on anthropology as an undergrad.  Part of me still wants to study fossil hominids.  One day I’d like to expand my videos into this area, but for now, I’m filling the anthropology toolbox.

Anthropology Toolbox

But what is an Anthropology Toolbox?  Well, it’s the metaphorical box where you store your theorists, theories, terms, and other tools for anthropological analysis.

I started referring to the anthropology toolbox while I was an undergrad, when writing anthropology papers and choosing which way to analyze a situation, event, or culture.  I’d pick and choose from the tools I had – like functionalism, structuralism, or Durkheim’s theories – and put some of them into use when appropriate.  Not all tools are useful in all situations.  You wouldn’t try to loosen a stripped screw with a sledgehammer would you?



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