Satiated Saturday: Failure Edition

Sometimes you fail.  You might buy an eggplant and not want to make eggplant parm until it’s so far gone you have to make mac and cheese.  You might write a novel only to never figure out what your main character wants.  You might try to paint your deck and get more paint on your dog than your deck.  You might process three bananas in your mini food processor, only to look at your recipe and see it needs two.  That last one?  That was me.  Also the first one, but that’s a whole different can of problems.


I tried this very cool, very simple, recipe from Six Sisters Stuff via pinterest.  The recipe looked really excellent, and very healthy since all that was in it was banana, oatmeal, and chocolate chips.  Naturally, because they’re my favorite dried fruit, I had to add dried cranberries as well.  Honestly, I add dried cranberries to pretty much everything I bake.  I really want to bake a chocolate cookie with dried cranberries instead of white chocolate or creme-de-menthe chips.

Failure Cookies

My family really likes bananas, so sometimes we have 20 or so of them bought at the same time.  That’s what happened here, and I had three bananas sitting on my dresser, waiting for them to get soft so I could make banana bread or banana cookies.  I accidentally misread the recipe, which said 2 bananas, and I processed 3.  Then I figured “Oh well, I’ll just up the oats.”  I upped the oats too much, had to add another banana, and then more oats.  And it became a vicious cycle that left me with dough that was much too soft and liquid.  I tried it anyway, and when they came out of the oven, they hadn’t spread at all.


That’s not terribly surprising, since there was no leavening agent in the dough, so I tried them anyway.  Inside, while they tasted alright, they were very moist, and very strongly banana.  Maybe if I had followed the recipe properly this wouldn’t have happened.  Maybe it would’ve.  I stuck them in a ziplock, shoved them in the fridge and hoped for the best.


I’ve been eating them at breakfast as a breakfast-side, and they’re better cold than they were warm, but they’re still not great.  I might retry them if I ever randomly have some browning bananas.  Instead of getting angry with myself, I remembered my advice for 2014, and I forgave myself.  Sometimes you fail.  It’s not the end of the world, especially if it’s something this small.


Don’t worry, I have a real Satiated Saturday for you coming up today too.  Spoiler alert: it’s delicious.



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