Satiated Saturday: The Links Edition

It’s been a rough couple of weeks.  I’ve been sick, my grandma’s been sick, my dad’s been sick.  My uncle’s birthday was last week, and my cousin’s girlfriend came to visit from Germany, and I had to feed half a dozen more people than usual.  I’ve made some good food, I’ve even taken pictures and started writing some posts about that food, but I’ve been hitting a wall with those posts.  So this week instead of a recipe, I’m leaving you with some of my favorite places to get recipes.

Satiated Saturday Links

Anecdotes and Apple Cores

I found Monet’s blog when I was a freshman in college, and I fell in love with the way she writes.  Monet’s posts aren’t loud or colorful, they’re quiet.  They’re less like watching a foodie show, and more like having a cup of tea and a conversation with a friend about baking and life.  When you read a blog you get a window into someone’s life, and it’s been a privilege to follow the trajectory of Monet’s family.  Her daughter is the cutest little thing, and I really dig all the recipes she posts.  My favorite?  Dark chocolate cookies with white chips.  Hands down.


A high school Italian teacher introduced me to this website when we were planning a class party and everyone was supposed to make something.  I’ve since found dozens of recipes, for every kind of food or baked good, on this website.  When I was a carnivore I would frequently mine the depths of the AllRecipes chicken sections.  Now, I scour the baking section, after all sorts of cookies, bars, and brownies.  Next up for me? Baked Oatmeal.  A friend brought it to a pot luck brunch and it was delicious.

Baker’s Banter

This is almost cheating since Baker’s Banter is the official blog of the King Arthur Flour company and they’re professional bakers.  But, the blog posts are fun, and it was the place where I first learned to bake bread.  The bloggers are approachable and the recipes are always excellent since they have a test kitchen.  And the archive?  Enormous.  Before they blogged, King Arthur Flour began a newsletter, so they have more than a decade of shared recipes.  Each post is like a lesson from a skilled baker directly to you.  And they always reply to questions and suggestions in comments.


I know, everyone loves Pinterest.  I remember when it was invitation-only.  (Now that makes me feel old).  Pinterest now has categories, and their Food & Drink category is a treasure trove of recipes and food blogs.  One of the first places I search when I need a recipe is Pinterest.  (Be sure to check out my boards for Jeanni-approved recipe ideas: bread, sweets, and vegetarian cooking).


I’ve mentioned The Brain Scoop here a million times.  One of the reasons I like it so much is that I identify with the host, Emily Graslie, in that we both like dead things and baking.  After a lot of requests she started a second channel for baking and vlogs.  So far she’s done three baking videos, including one for Chocolate Sriracha Cookies.

I hope you guys find as much inspiration from these sites as I did.  If you bake something from one of them, tweet me and let me know!  I always love to talk baking, so just tweet me anyway and we and we can chat.


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