Study The Dead

Sorry I’ve been so absent friends.  I had every intention of posting this cool non-valentine history of valentine’s day about everything else that has happened on valentine’s day in the past several millenia, but then I got sick and I was in bed for days.  I’m still not quite up to snuff, but I’m a lot better than I was.  I also never got around to posting my Satiated Saturday for this week.  Oops.  Well, today’s also my uncle’s birthday (I won’t tell you how old he is, since I don’t think even he wants to know).  Anyway, I drafted this post a while ago, and then never posted it, so here you go.  Have a bunch of graphics with quotes about dead people from Emily Graslie.


I often make graphics in photoshop or Paper for my favorite quotes.  My obsession with quotes goes back to at least the seventh grade.  Which is when I discovered quote websites.  Ever since I’ve kept notebooks upon notebooks of my favorite quotations, the ones that are just beautifully phrased, or that tell a good story, or that represent something I believe in.  Recently, one of my favorites has been from an episode of The Brain Scoop.  “We study the dead to know more about the living.”  I studied history and physical anthropology, which is basically studying  the dead.  So this quote really spoke to me.

Study the Dead picture copy

(This picture is actually from a Brain Scoop episode called the Spirit Collection).

I was then stuck in bed, and bored, so I made a few graphics for it.  Then, I popped them up on tumblr, figuring one or two people might like them.  Instead, the Brain Scoop tumblr reblogged them and they now have over 300 notes.  I’m completely floored that more than a handful of people could have enjoyed something I made.  That’s never happened before.  So I figured I would post them here so that anyone who reads this blog and enjoys studying the dead in one form or another could enjoy them.   Study The Dead Photo copy

This photo is from the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries.  At the time photographs took a long time for exposure, and this family moved on before the photographer was finished.  You can see the trail they made along the left of the photo.

Study the Dead cemetery copyThis old label is in the public domain, and when I found it on the Graphics Fairy blog, I knew I needed to download it.

This is my favorite.

This is my favorite.

If you click here, you can find the desktop background size version.  I had a lot of fun making these, and I hope you guys enjoy them as well!


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