Wanderlust Wanderlist

Wanderlust Wanderlist

I have a wicked case of wanderlust.  I’ve always had one, but it’s gotten worse the older I’ve gotten.  The list of places I want to go grows longer and longer. This is just a sampling of the places on my wanderlist.  

Damascus, Syria

Damascus is one of the oldest cities in the world.  It’s been continuously inhabited since at least the second millenium BC, and boasts an amazing, rich history.  Damascus definitely occupies one of the spots on my list.

Cardiff, Wales

Floyd is Welsh.  It comes from Llwyd via Lloyd, originally meaning grey.  I’ve never been out of the US, but one of my first stops would be Cardiff.  Partly for the connection to my heritage, partly because of the connection to the world of Doctor Who.  Both Doctor Who and Torchwood were filmed there, and the city played a key role in Torchwood.  It’s a beautiful city I’d like to see in person.

London, UK

Who doesn’t want to see London?  Having grown up in New York, I have a healthy appetite for all things city.  London has pubs from the seventeenth century!  My historian heart speeds up just thinking about this city!

Paris, France

Another one that’s on everyone’s bucket list.  Really, what I’d love would be to just travel the entire continent of Europe, but that’s probably not possible, so I picked a few cities in Europe I want to see the most.  Paris used to not be one of them, because I had a distaste for all things French after a terrible experience with a bad French teacher.  Then, I got into the world of tumblr and pinterest and saw Paris in the details.  I saw photos from people’s trips, read their stories, watched their videos and gifs.  And I totally fell in love.  It’s back on the list.  (Plus, the Fitzgeralds lived in Paris.  I’m totally obsessed with Jazz Age American expats in Paris).

Cairo, Egypt

I think I get it from my mother that I’m so weirdly fascinated with Egypt.  She always has been, and she always took me to any museum that had an Egypt exhibit, especially the Brooklyn Museum.  In fact, if you read my post Why History, you’ll know that my entire outlook changed while in that museum looking at a piece of papyrus from the Book of the Dead.  Needless to say, I’d want to travel all over Egypt and see all of the ancient sites.  Especially the Valley of the Kings.  If you’re also interested in Egyptology, head over to the Google+ circle; I’m in it and always find cool things to read there.

San Francisco, CA

Shamefully, I’ve never been west of Kansas City.  Most of my travel has been along the East Coast and in the Midwest.  San Francisco has been on my wanderlist since I was a little girl and watched Charmed for the first time.  So much media since has been set there that I feel like I’ve gotten a taste of the city, but just enough to make me want more.

Rome, Italy

My mom’s family is Italian.  I cook Italian.  Everyone always says I have a lot of my nonna and my bisnonna in me, but I never met them.  I’ve wanted to travel to Italy forever, and Rome has a vast history that I’d love to explore.  Not to mention, I could brush up on the Italian I haven’t used in four years.  Italy, Italy, Italy!

There are so many more places on my list (Seattle, Byblos, Delhi, Cape Town, Stockholm, ahhh!) but I’m leaving this list at these seven.  I could go on forever!  Where is on your list?


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