Tech Resolutions

One common resolution (and something on my 25 By 25 list) is to up your tech understanding.  I thought I’d share a couple of websites I’m using to raise my own technical skills.

Codecademy is my favorite of these sources.  I’ve been using it for a year or so to brush up on and seriously improve my html, java, CSS, etc.  The language of the lessons isn’t condescending, there are forums for Q&A when you can’t figure something out, and there are labs for java and a few other languages.  The lessons are broken up into good sized chunks, and are easy to understand.

Khan Academy
Khan Academy covers a multitude of topics.  One of those topics is computer programming.  I haven’t actually taken any of their courses yet, but they’re a viable option.

SkillCrush is an awesome idea.  It was created by a woman who noticed that in her publishing office there was a sharp division between women in the editorial staff and men in the technical staff.  Adda Birnir created SkillCrush to help rectify that division and teach women to code.  While learning you also create a portfolio of creations to show your skills.  Caveat: you have to pay for SkillCrush, though there is a 10-day bootcamp that’s offered for free which I’m currently doing (and loving).

Coursera, like Khan Academy, teaches many, many topics.  One of those is computer programming.  I’ve used Coursera for several other previous courses, but none of them were computer related.

W3 Schools
W3 Schools is a website that has tutorials and such.  The best feature though is the TryIt Editor.  You can type in some html and it will show you how it would look.  It’s great for testing out new features and pages for any website you may want to create, or testing your newfound skills.

If one of your resolutions is tech related try these sites out.  They’re interactive, they can show you exactly where the faults in your code are, and most of them are free.  I’m currently cruising through Codecademy and the free bootcamp from SkillCrush myself.


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