Forgive Yourself in 2014

Made with Paper.

Made with Paper.

Forgive yourself.  If I had to give one piece of advice for 2014 it would be this.  Forgive yourself.  Of course, I don’t mean for murder, or that you should forgive yourself and not change anything. But forgive yourself.

Maybe you failed a class.  Forgive yourself and focus on the makeup class.

Maybe you kissed someone you shouldn’t have.  Forgive yourself and make better choices next time.

Maybe you said something mean to a friend.  Forgive yourself and make up with them.

Maybe you didn’t meet a goal this year.  Forgive yourself and tweak it for the new year.

Forgive yourself, move on, and be better in the future.  Make better choices.  We can’t change the past, but we can use it to shape our future.  If you keep holding onto the mistakes you’ve made, and beating yourself up over them, you’ll never move forward.

Forgive yourself, and let’s move forward together.

(P.S. This is my 30th post!  Woohoo!)


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