Preparing For 2014

I don’t usually like to give advice to people, but planning is something at which I am very good. But I’m still celebrating the holidays with my family, so it’s mostly going to be a big list of links and suggestions.

 Create a personal mission statement.

Create a list of goals for the coming year. (I’ll share mine soon).

Create a vision board for 2014.

Get yourself a planner.

Get yourself a notebook (or two) to carry with you everywhere.

Make a gratitude jar (or something like it).

Remember that finding your passion is never simple. It’s a windy path.

Find a motto for 2014.  (I recommend the quotes section of Pinterest).

Find an anthem for 2014.  (Mine for 2013 was This Year by The Mountain Goats).

Create a self vision board on Pinterest to identify who you are.

Keep your friends and family close, even if they’re physically distant.

P.S. This is my main goal for 2014.


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