Quick One

Just a quick post today.  I’m elbows deep in thesis revision, thank you cards for professors, and packing up to move out.  I didn’t make it to the National Archives Tweetup (#heartbroken) because I had a rescheduled final exam.  I’ve applied for officially a dozen jobs.  I got an A in my American Sign Language class this semester, which turned out to be my favorite class.

Instead of anything really worth reading, here’s a video you should watch:

Also, here’s a printable blank version of the 25 By 25 list I made earlier this year.  It’s totally blank, you can print it and handwrite your list, or you can edit it in photoshop (or GIMP, whatever) and add a neat typed list (that’s what I did).

25 By 25

P.S. I’m one step closer, since I’m officially an alumna of Phi Sigma Pi.  I only cried for twenty minutes.
claudia crying


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