Historical Songs

There are a lot of ways to learn about history.  School, books, educational television, and of course, YouTube.  I know what you’re thinking.  “YouTube?  Cat videos are not educational.”  Hear me out.  Plenty of you probably know that there’s lots of educational content on YouTube.  And everyone knows it’s easiest to remember things in song form.  Of course, this is leading to two of my favorite places to get history songs on YouTube: historyteachers and Horrible Histories.


Horrible Histories is a British Children’s show based on a series of books.  The books are pretty great, and so’s the show itself.  You can find a lot of full episodes on YouTube, as well as individual skits and songs.  Mostly, I like the songs.  Although Stupid Deaths is also a favorite, especially Edmund II’s skit.  The official channel for them hasn’t updated in several years, so you have to search, but here’s a selection of my favorite Horrible Histories songs.


Historyteachers channel updates somewhat sporadically, but they’re actual history teachers, so they have plenty of other things to do.  They also have a wonderful archive of their songs, which cover nearly every topic imaginable in history.  Their songs are parodies of other songs, rather than original songs, but they’re amazing songs.  They’re also excellent and historically accurate.  They do have a single channel where you can find all their songs, and here’s a collection of my favorites to start you off.

If you want to get a fix of history and fun music, these are my favorites.  I actually have a playlist in iTunes of songs I’ve downloaded from these groups, as well as a song about Australopithecine Morphology.  I really am that much of a nerd.  While I’m off to do final exams, pack up to leave DC, and attend a great event at the National Archive, enjoy these historical songs, and more.  Know of others?  Leave them in the comments.



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