Veg Recipe: Pasta & Vegetables

I want to share one of my simplest vegetarian recipes today.  It doesn’t take a lot, and it’s very versatile.  All you need is pasta, some veggies (any will do…yes really…throw them all in), oil, and some salt.  Of course, you can add more.  Sometimes I add cheese, or marinara sauce, or balsamic vinegar, or whatever I have lying around.

Today, I used elbows, green peppers, tomato, and peas.  Confession: I love peas.  I know lots of people think they’re weird or gross or whatever, but I love them.  A lot of the time I add broccoli or spinach to this, but I didn’t have either today.  I did have peppers and a tomato and peas, so I used them.

Cast of Characters

First, boil your pasta.  If you have any frozen vegetables that need to be boiled, you should also boil them.

Pepper and Tomato

Then, start slicing up your veg.  Whatever veg makes your skirt fly up, as the Pioneer Woman would say.  I used green pepper and tomato.

Frying Characters

Next, get a pan (or a wok) and some oil.  Pour a little oil in the pan (or wok), and turn the burner on.  I don’t measure my oil, I just do it.  It’s probably a couple of tablespoons.  Theoretically you could also use vegetable broth or another liquid to sautee in.  I haven’t done that before, so I’m not gonna talk about it here.

Toss in your chopped veg, and swirl them around.  You want them to get a little bit crisp and browned, but not burnt.  At this point your boiling veg is probably ready to go in the pan too.  


Maybe throw in some balsamic vinegar and sea salt at this point.  They taste good, give a little bit of a kick.  You could use any kind of sauce you want though.

When your pasta is ready strain it and dump it into a big bowl.  When the pasta’s done, the veg is probably done in the pan.  You can either just throw them in now, or mix at your leisure so you get the right mixture.


Voila!  Easy, not (too) bad for you, vegetarian meal!  Nom at will.

Pepper Innards

Just in case you ever wanted to know what pepper seeds still attached to the center looked like.


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