25 By 25

A few years ago I came across the idea of doing a prescribed number of tasks in the year between your birthdays.  For example 19 things before your 19th birthday.  I tried a few times, but it was always too much on top of school, and tutoring, and extracurriculars.  So I didn’t have a list between 20 and 21.  I’ve also seen a lot of 101 in 1001 posts, so I decided to combine the concepts.  Starting early this summer I made a list of 25 things I would do before my 25th birthday.  I have just under four years to tackle these.  Some I’m working on already, some I’m planning, and some I won’t be able to do for years.  But that’s okay.  I have time.

25 By 25

1. Move to a new place by myself.

2. Get a tattoo.

3. Run a 5k.

4. Attend another meditation class at a Buddhist temple (or even Kay).

5. Visit a city by myself.

6. Visit Europe.

7. Publish a book.

8. Buy a subscription to Evernote prime.

9. Buy a subscription to Spotify premium.

10. Get my blog off the ground.

11. Adopt an animal.

12. Become an active alumna of Phi Sigma Pi.

13. Attend a Phi Sigma Pi conference.

14. Surprise someone with something special each month.

15. Try out a notebook planner.

16. Buy a pair of quality nude pumps.

17. Get my master’s degree.

18. Visit Canada.

19. Learn a language well.

20. Buy stock.

21. Learn how to code well enough to make my own website.

22. Get a driver’s license. June 2013

23. Go vegan for a week.

24. Give thank you cards to every professor my final semester at AU. December 2013

25. Instead of birthday gifts, ask for donations to charity.


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